Ahhhh so smart me went to bed at 7 pm last night. Now I’m wide awake. It’s kind of nice, just me and my crossword, tea, and…

20121202-072009.jpg toast with butter! O my gosh it’s so good! I usually don’t butter toast because I don’t like the crumbs that get on the butter (also I though I preferred the taste of toast dry) Truth be told I only like my toast buttered when someone else does it for me. Hmmm this might be something worth learning to do myself. 🙂 the little things

The daily thing

Well I’ve been gone for a long time. But I just flipped back thru my daily pic updates and they’re a lot like a diary. Fun for me, probably boring for everyone else. O well. I’m starting again! Counting change today! It’s so rainy!

Final total $77.50

Day OFF!

Shew! Finally! A day off! and what do I do? Rake leaves 🙂 look at this pretty one!

Image I know pretty much everyone has seen this picture already, but HAHAHAHAHA! check out these mad climbing skillz!


so Moosey can climb. Baby Ko, he’s got a bum hip again this weekend. I felt so bad for him I made him a new squeaky toy!


I made him that bed too, just in case anyone is curious! It’s a little small for him, maybe an upgrade for Christmas 🙂

I also cooked breakfast-You NEED this recipe!


MMmmmMMmmmMMmmm… cheeesey frittata!


6 eggs, mixed with 1/2 tsp oregano, some salt n pepa, dash of nutmeg: stir all that up in a bowl

chop some veggies, I had 1/2 yellow pepper, 1/2 green pepper, tiny butternut squash (peeled and diced), and 3/4 onion. get ’em nice and small and then sautee them until they are smelling good and kind of soft. Most everything was soft actually except the squash.

then get the veggies in a pan that can go in the oven! I used the fry pan with metal handle, so I just poured the eggs right on top and popped it in the 350 degree oven! You could totally use a pie pan though if you wanted.

O yeah! and sprinkle cheese all over the top!

bake for 20 minutes, or until set. This was so delicious. I hate cleaning up eggs but they taste so great, especially with cheese and veggies!


try not to make a mess like I did!

Hey! notice that Starbucks cup back there? This morning I ordered a milk with vanilla syrup and they GAVE IT TO ME FOR FREE! this was after eating a donut in the grocery store, I was so thirsty I just had to have some milk! (Don’t worry we paid for the donuts)


crank up the tunes, time for a sewing party/play Diablo III party 😉 check out my li’l helper


getting there…


MooMoo follows me everywhere!


Hey! nice work with that sleeve up there!


andddd TADA!


That’s it on that one for now, it might be a Christmas prezzie, so don’t wanna ruin someone’s surprise! hasta luego!



just got there!

Wow! can’t believe we went to China and back. Thought it was a scam for sure! would recommend rewards travel china to anyone! had a great time! too tired and too much to clean to put up more now 🙂

night circus

I don’t know if anyone else plans on reading night circus, so I will start talking about it here. WOW. I’m about 1/2 way through. I don’t seem to care much for the story, what happens in the competition, I could care less. I am interested in the kid, Bailey I think, finding the red-headed girl, or what happens to Bailey. Where I’m at, he just went back to the circus and was mezmerized again. The feelings this book gives me are really incredible. I don’t know what it was meant to be about and I feel like I might know more at the end but here’s what I take from it so far: The night is a magical time. Things happen at night, that couldn’t possibly happen during the day. Things look different at night. I walk around looking at the world through dark glasses? I just participated in relay for life, and I got the 2am to 5am shift. It was amazing. To drive through the city while it was sleeping, and arrive in a village filled with hope. There were luminarias set up around the track and there was a bonfire. I couldn’t see anyones faces but I could hear the sparkle in their voices. I talked to people I have never met. I spent quiet time reflecting. And how different the park looks at 3 am. How much further can my voice travel when there are no other voices to drown it out. The imagery and the moods set in the book are fantastic. I don’t know if it is because I was reading the book that I saw everything through such a spellbinding perspective, or if it was the pure beauty of the night that inspired and reminded me to see the allure in every place and time. So far I am enjoying it. But I don’t care what happens to Celia and Marco. Of course I hope they hook up, but this is insubstantial. What I strongly take away so far is a sense of beauty and adventure in the world around me.

Josh’s pinning

well, i was just flipping through old posts and realized i need to make some desserts. so… chocolate lava cake or choc/walnut/oatmeal cookies? hmmmm

its josh’s graduation so gotta put up some pics…


bahaha what a cutieImage

Missed a few more days…

I think I’m not cut out to post a picture everyday! hehe!

Well lately I have been working and buying groupons. Up to my old tricks. I even have one in Chicago, so next time I’m home, someone better be looking forward to a TEA TASTING!!

I have a pretty sweet double pointed needle DPN piece going. supposed to be a hat, but not sure if it will fit me or a baby. Also not sure if the top will ever get closed up, feels like I’m going in circles but its not growing.


work for the next 3 days and then a trip to EASTERN WA! possibly camping, definitely fishing and drinking!