almond crusted salmon I whipped up for dinner

The weather is too nice! Safe from Irene on the West Coast. Unfortunately, its too nice to go to hot yoga! But I decided I’ll probably pick it back up in January-ish, when its cold and miserable. And I’ll probably do it closer to home, its rough driving across town. But otherwise, I do enjoy it. Especially the way it prompts my body to make decisions: what to eat, how to move, to be serene…
Well, I was going to test out the harmony-balance band. Its one of those negative ion charged pieces of plastic. I even bought the groupon, but something happened with that, so… I let it go. They put up an even better offer for people because groupon backed out, but I figured they cancelled for a reason. And I KNOW its a scam. But I’m so hopeful and naive that I will fall for anything!

Ya, I would fall for this...

Had fresh green beans and watermelon for breakfast. And pansit for lunch. I love summer!
Skipped the gym yesterday, so hopefully I get there tonight..

I’m starving, so it probably won’t be for a while! Time for dessert… cheeseburger? (Actually, Josh and I had a great cheeseburger dinner yesterday at the AleHouse) Mmmm…


It’s Official!

I love hot yoga! I’m feeling looser than ever! Still a little intimidating but love it none-the-less. It has really made me in touch with my body. I know when I need to drink more, have healthier cravings. I know I had Red Mill burger yesterday, but I thought I was so hungry I might die. Anyway, the burger didn’t satisfy me, but a nectarine did. Yum!

day 3 HOT YOGA

ahhh… I’m feeling better. Still need to take a break about halfway through, but only skipped 1 set of postures. And much more flexible (or brave) today! I’m going to try and go again tomorrow morning, then work at night. One thing I’ve noticed is my lower back is a little sore. Maybe too MUCH stretching? No, not really sore I guess, just strange. Like my waist could just swivel around. Ha! My legs are definitely the weaker link of my body I think, so I’m going to start doing squats when I think about it. So, I need to get my measurements, so I can keep track of my progress. I wanted this to be a food blog, but I don’t spend enough time cooking. Tonight I ate salad and pizza, and for brunch we had Red Mill Burgers and Starbucks. Mmmmmm. A couple of new things coming up: standup paddle board, naturopath, and sewing lessons. Plus I think we’re going out to the tri-cities to visit Josh’s parents for my big stretch of time off!

Ahhh motivation…

I wish I had some… My sister N is in Dominican Republic in a hurricane, and I’m just doing nothing. Boyfriend is sabotaging my get hot plans. We haven’t hung out lately cause I’ve been working, so when he asked if I wanted to go out for ice cream I abandoned my gym plans! Double whammy! Maybe tomorrow (today by now)

2nd hot yoga

Ya I really think I will pass out in there one of these days. Ahhh but I feel so zen-like afterward. Kind if like walking on air. Should have gone again right now, after work but then I really would pass out! Balance band(one of those negative ion bracelets) is on the way for experimentation. We’ll see if it’s worth $40!

A few endorsements

Work was uneventful, which is a welcome change. I got lazy, and didn’t make it to hot yoga. I thought there was another offering at 8pm but I read the website wrong. That is only Monday through Thursday. So, the bf and I will go to the gym tonight. I plan on doing several weight exercises and then 15-20 minutes if cardio intervals. And hot yoga tomorrow morning at 10am. Saturday traffic is wretched in Fremont and through Wallingford but I’ll put a good CD in the car and make it enjoyable! I wish there was a bus that went straight there. C’est la vie. On to the bulk of this post- my Keurig coffee brewer I got last Christmas started malfunctioning, brewing only half mug. I called the customer service and they shipped me a new one FedEx. I love all the options (Rooibos Red) and the company is really easy to work with!
Secondly, a few weeks ago at the gym there were sample deodorant sticks. I love this deodorant! I’m not crazy about the way it smells (a little baby powder) but it’s pretty much the only female deo that has ever worked for me! After a 12 hour shift or hot yoga, I may be a touch sweaty, but at least I still smell good. It’s Degree 24h motion sense, the scent I got is fresh energy. I still plan on trying a fewore natural deodorants as well, but so far this is the top runner! Well, I’m sorry today is relatively boring but I suppose it will be entertaining to read when I’m 90 years old, my deodorant habits, ha!

Hott (and not at all sexy) Yoga

Whoa! I feel…
Today I took my virgin voyage into the world of hot yoga. I know this goes without saying, but it was really hot. I’m so so so grateful that I followed their advice and wore only sports bra and shorts. I know I’m not heavy, but I’m definitely not thin either. Usually I’m very self-conscious about the extra fat roll over my abdomen. Luckily I decided to be confident and bare it, no matter who sees. (actually, they aren’t supposed to be looking) So, I was completely covered in sweat. Sometimes I felt amazing, sometimes I felt like I looked amazing, sometimes I felt like I might vomit, and a lot of times I thought I might black out. Now I feel extremely thirsty, extremely empowered, and extremely mellow. I did it! I made it alive! Only one rest break! Man I looked bad at end:red, hair fro’d out dripping with sweat sweat sweat! My hot yellow sports bra even left an imprint on my cream rental towel. I only rented because I spilled water all over my other towel. So, I plan on going 8 more times before the end of the month. I’ll let you know the verdict-I’m definitely still undecided.