Hello world! First post EVER!

I’m absolutely in love with my life right now and all of the fun I’m having! I really want this to become another food blog because eating is possibly one of my favorite activities! But I’m also on the eternal quest for flat abs so I’d like to transition to something a little more healthy. I love trying new things so that will probably be a frequent topic! A couple of things on my “to-do” list: hot yoga, naturopathic doctor visit, wen shampoo, stand-up paddleboarding, remembering and improving my spanish, crab cakes, and creme brûlée!

Something new I tried recently: Seattle Sounders vs. Chivas USA! Major league soccer is amazing! My two single sisters came to town for a incredible week and we were so busy! Hiking, Mariners baseball, gelato, chicken salad and cookies, project runway, dog park, and other hilarities that can’t possibly be put into words! Anyway, the soccer game was a crazy new experience for me! There were so many chants and rituals I did not know. It was almost a magical experience, like leaving our world and going somewhere uncharted. With the first kick the entire crowd threw long neon green streamers and it was beautiful, I wish ihad gotten a picture. When the players were announced, the emcee yelled the first names and then the entire crowd cheered the last name! I guess I can’t put this experience into words well either. I’m sure I’ll get better as time goes on!


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