Hott (and not at all sexy) Yoga

Whoa! I feel…
Today I took my virgin voyage into the world of hot yoga. I know this goes without saying, but it was really hot. I’m so so so grateful that I followed their advice and wore only sports bra and shorts. I know I’m not heavy, but I’m definitely not thin either. Usually I’m very self-conscious about the extra fat roll over my abdomen. Luckily I decided to be confident and bare it, no matter who sees. (actually, they aren’t supposed to be looking) So, I was completely covered in sweat. Sometimes I felt amazing, sometimes I felt like I looked amazing, sometimes I felt like I might vomit, and a lot of times I thought I might black out. Now I feel extremely thirsty, extremely empowered, and extremely mellow. I did it! I made it alive! Only one rest break! Man I looked bad at end:red, hair fro’d out dripping with sweat sweat sweat! My hot yellow sports bra even left an imprint on my cream rental towel. I only rented because I spilled water all over my other towel. So, I plan on going 8 more times before the end of the month. I’ll let you know the verdict-I’m definitely still undecided.


One thought on “Hott (and not at all sexy) Yoga

  1. Small update- today (day after yoga) I have a headache and am really sore in strange places: lower back, neck, hip flexors. I hit the weights pretty hard (for me- ha! 10 pound tricep raise!) 2 days before hot yoga, so maybe it’s a combination? Anyway I worked last night and again tonight, so back to the gym for me tomorrow.

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