A few endorsements

Work was uneventful, which is a welcome change. I got lazy, and didn’t make it to hot yoga. I thought there was another offering at 8pm but I read the website wrong. That is only Monday through Thursday. So, the bf and I will go to the gym tonight. I plan on doing several weight exercises and then 15-20 minutes if cardio intervals. And hot yoga tomorrow morning at 10am. Saturday traffic is wretched in Fremont and through Wallingford but I’ll put a good CD in the car and make it enjoyable! I wish there was a bus that went straight there. C’est la vie. On to the bulk of this post- my Keurig coffee brewer I got last Christmas started malfunctioning, brewing only half mug. I called the customer service and they shipped me a new one FedEx. I love all the options (Rooibos Red) and the company is really easy to work with!
Secondly, a few weeks ago at the gym there were sample deodorant sticks. I love this deodorant! I’m not crazy about the way it smells (a little baby powder) but it’s pretty much the only female deo that has ever worked for me! After a 12 hour shift or hot yoga, I may be a touch sweaty, but at least I still smell good. It’s Degree 24h motion sense, the scent I got is fresh energy. I still plan on trying a fewore natural deodorants as well, but so far this is the top runner! Well, I’m sorry today is relatively boring but I suppose it will be entertaining to read when I’m 90 years old, my deodorant habits, ha!


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