day 3 HOT YOGA

ahhh… I’m feeling better. Still need to take a break about halfway through, but only skipped 1 set of postures. And much more flexible (or brave) today! I’m going to try and go again tomorrow morning, then work at night. One thing I’ve noticed is my lower back is a little sore. Maybe too MUCH stretching? No, not really sore I guess, just strange. Like my waist could just swivel around. Ha! My legs are definitely the weaker link of my body I think, so I’m going to start doing squats when I think about it. So, I need to get my measurements, so I can keep track of my progress. I wanted this to be a food blog, but I don’t spend enough time cooking. Tonight I ate salad and pizza, and for brunch we had Red Mill Burgers and Starbucks. Mmmmmm. A couple of new things coming up: standup paddle board, naturopath, and sewing lessons. Plus I think we’re going out to the tri-cities to visit Josh’s parents for my big stretch of time off!


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