almond crusted salmon I whipped up for dinner

The weather is too nice! Safe from Irene on the West Coast. Unfortunately, its too nice to go to hot yoga! But I decided I’ll probably pick it back up in January-ish, when its cold and miserable. And I’ll probably do it closer to home, its rough driving across town. But otherwise, I do enjoy it. Especially the way it prompts my body to make decisions: what to eat, how to move, to be serene…
Well, I was going to test out the harmony-balance band. Its one of those negative ion charged pieces of plastic. I even bought the groupon, but something happened with that, so… I let it go. They put up an even better offer for people because groupon backed out, but I figured they cancelled for a reason. And I KNOW its a scam. But I’m so hopeful and naive that I will fall for anything!

Ya, I would fall for this...

Had fresh green beans and watermelon for breakfast. And pansit for lunch. I love summer!
Skipped the gym yesterday, so hopefully I get there tonight..

I’m starving, so it probably won’t be for a while! Time for dessert… cheeseburger? (Actually, Josh and I had a great cheeseburger dinner yesterday at the AleHouse) Mmmm…


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