Went to the naturopathic doctor Wednesday. Had a few minor complaints: irritability, fast HR, bloating, joint pain in one finger. Told her about my all carb diet. So basically she thinks that is the cause. Well, turns out, not only am I eating too many carve, but I’m getting not enough protein chronically. I kind of suspected this, probably 3-4 days a week I am vegetarian, not by choice but out of convenience. So, my thyroid level us low. Which could be a combination of the protein and night shift. So, she already had given me diet homework to increase my veggies and protein, and labs confirmed it. It’s strange. I get a call saying something is ABNORMAL and I am a little excited! My thyroid is low…so…if I can get that back up to normal, I’d probably lose a little bit if weight. I need to up my metabolism to get rid of that belly fat. Plain and simple. So I NEED to start a food log, and really net 60-100 grams of protein a day. And hopefully that will fix it! But, lab redraw in 3 months, so if not, we could try something else. Sometimes I lie in bed for hours but I thought it was just because I was lazy. No… I’ve been throwing away my sandwich at lunch ever since first grade and trading for ho-hos. I love all baked goods. I could live off pasta and olive oil. Yumm. I’ve been sabotaging myself all this time. Same as how I like to slouch over. It’s just so much mire comfortable. Ok, well, there’s a new girl in town and she has incredible energy and flat abs! Rawr!


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