We went fishing in Oregon! It was a gorgeous weekend in the NW and I had 8 days off! Hooray! Now I have to work like a crazy person… Anyway, I’ve been doing good with the protein so far. It will be a challenge at work though. I am mainly snacking at work. Tuna is easy to do, but it smells so bad. I’m trying to decide which app to use for food tracking. The Dr. Wants me to get 20gm of protein at each meal! I think I was used to 20 gm a day! Sometimes more, sometimes less. So, breakfast seems to be eggs and veggies. Possibly a protein shake. Lunch and dinner I haven’t really worked out yet. I have just been having whatever and then getting supplemented with beef jerky to get to 20gm. Milk has quite a lot of protein that I was missing, so I’m throwing that in there too. I’m hoping to just maybe cook 4-6 chicken breasts out on the grill and munch on those all week! It’s hard when it’s just 2 and The Man is a pretty picky eater. Although if he likes something, he really leaves me no leftovers. I know no one reads this because I’m not sure I’m ready to share. Who wants to hear about me going to the doctor and trying to get 6-pack abs? I even bore myself. But it feels better to get it out. So, when someone does start reading, give me some protein filled meals that are easy for work: fridge and microwave! Xoxox


5 thoughts on “Protein

      • Hhaha πŸ™‚ we love it too! I’ve heard if you get plain Greek yogurt and add a ranch packet to it you have a healthy, protein full veggie dip. Sometimes I think I’d eat more veggies if I had something delicious to dip it in πŸ™‚ I know the original post was from awhile ago…how’re you doing now?

  1. Also nuts…any kind! And peanut butter! Or beans like rice and bean combo! Do you still need these? Look into tosca Reno clean eating…lots of recipes with all protein and veggies

    • yes im always looking for new ideas, but especially things that are fast and easy. and of course delicious! I haven’t heard of the tosca reno clean eating so i will have to try it out. too bad i have a box of fannie mays laying around here

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