Soooo…I’ve been MIA. It’s been hard to track all my food (protein), work has got me ready to quit, and real life I’ve been having too much fun! Went out with some friends from work, and next day ladies night with wine and wii! Also I went stand up paddleboarding which was amazing! I’d like to be out there right now in fact! I went out with J and his friends and we ended up going out to some random creepy old guys boat, which totally brought me back to college days! It’s gorgeous and sunny, and J and I are trying to grow some grass. Getting ready for the wet winter! I bought a ticket to Dominican republic for thanksgiving and the whole family is going to Florida for Christmas! Megan is coming over my birthday weekend and Maria is coming sometime at the end of Oct beginning of November! So there’s lots to look forward to! Last night is the first one I’ve been to the gym for a few weeks. So I guess that’s why I haven’t had much to write about (I like to come here and brag) My car is in the shop right now for a grindy noise when I turn left, and J and I are getting massages tomorrow! Hooray! And I made a fried egg without dropping it on the floor!


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