Boys on the couch cuddling after a long snowy day! Love!


Doesn’t stop snowing

Josh and I just walked thru the snow to Safeway and Starbucks! Very thing is closed and lots of people were out sledding. Roads looked pretty good- hope it stays that way for work tomorrow. Dogs love it, been playin all day, koda is sore needs to go on a diet I guess. Hip is sore from all that running. Poor baby. Probably needs more exercise too! Well, gonna go read books.


Nine days!

O my gosh! I missed a whole week! It started off boring, with a lot of work, job hunting btw… Work is getting really obnoxious. I’m sick of working for these people.


1.14.2012 Katie’s 30th! It snowed! We also bought a bed!


1.15.2012 josh was vacuuming and Moosey jumped onto my lap!


1.16.2012 I made these soft pretzels! And then ate 1/2 of them 🙂 koda s birthday! We’ve been cuddling on the couch all day reading books!