Missed a few more days…

I think I’m not cut out to post a picture everyday! hehe!

Well lately I have been working and buying groupons. Up to my old tricks. I even have one in Chicago, so next time I’m home, someone better be looking forward to a TEA TASTING!!

I have a pretty sweet double pointed needle DPN piece going. supposed to be a hat, but not sure if it will fit me or a baby. Also not sure if the top will ever get closed up, feels like I’m going in circles but its not growing.


work for the next 3 days and then a trip to EASTERN WA! possibly camping, definitely fishing and drinking!



4 thoughts on “Missed a few more days…

      • when?! around beth’s graduation?!?! let us know! i think we have to make reservations so i can set it up when you find out when your flights are!

      • Ooo yes I will send you the times. I don’t know your work sched. But check w mom too to see if something works!

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