night circus

I don’t know if anyone else plans on reading night circus, so I will start talking about it here. WOW. I’m about 1/2 way through. I don’t seem to care much for the story, what happens in the competition, I could care less. I am interested in the kid, Bailey I think, finding the red-headed girl, or what happens to Bailey. Where I’m at, he just went back to the circus and was mezmerized again. The feelings this book gives me are really incredible. I don’t know what it was meant to be about and I feel like I might know more at the end but here’s what I take from it so far: The night is a magical time. Things happen at night, that couldn’t possibly happen during the day. Things look different at night. I walk around looking at the world through dark glasses? I just participated in relay for life, and I got the 2am to 5am shift. It was amazing. To drive through the city while it was sleeping, and arrive in a village filled with hope. There were luminarias set up around the track and there was a bonfire. I couldn’t see anyones faces but I could hear the sparkle in their voices. I talked to people I have never met. I spent quiet time reflecting. And how different the park looks at 3 am. How much further can my voice travel when there are no other voices to drown it out. The imagery and the moods set in the book are fantastic. I don’t know if it is because I was reading the book that I saw everything through such a spellbinding perspective, or if it was the pure beauty of the night that inspired and reminded me to see the allure in every place and time. So far I am enjoying it. But I don’t care what happens to Celia and Marco. Of course I hope they hook up, but this is insubstantial. What I strongly take away so far is a sense of beauty and adventure in the world around me.


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  1. sorry I’m not such a good writer anymore, its been several years since I got out of school 🙂 I hope this isn’t too confusing. A! (ps. Rae, I’m basically writing this to you…)

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